Taiwan Dogs

Taiwan Dogs

Why Taiwan Dogs?

We are often asked why we rescue dogs from Taiwan while there are dogs in the US that need help.

It’s a very valid question and it is certainly true, there are dogs here and everywhere that need help.

We rescue locally as well as abroad. All dogs and all breeds, from all places. Animal cruelty, abandonment and over population due to human irresponsibility are unfortunately terrifying realities worldwide.

The cruelty Taiwan dogs face is brutal and frighteningly commonplace. Abandonment is rampant, as is over population. Imagine if everytime you walked out into the streets of your neighborhood you saw dozens of dogs without homes, emaciated and with various injuries. Imagine seeing that and doing nothing.

In Taiwan the cruelty is barbaric and it happens daily in front of hundreds of people. Dogs have no where to go and have been left by the people they trusted.

They must scavenge for food and dodge cars, traps, hunters…every day, every moment is a balance between life and death. There are many many dogs in need. Little is done to protect dogs from or prevent the occurences of cruelty they face at the hands of humans nor is punishment handed out to the many abusers. There are very few rescue organizations to handle the enormity of the stray dog situation and the “shelters” are anything but…

We have gathered just some information on the conditions and abuse the dogs on the streets of Taiwan endure.

CAUTION: These links contain graphic images and are not suitable for all viewers


  • Bear (called Gin) traps are everywhere in Taiwan and citizens use them to capture stray dogs, causing the painful deaths and maimings of thousands of innocent dogs.

    CNN Report

  • Rubber bands are wrapped on dog’s mouths and necks. The result: horrid swelling of the head, slow painful asphyxiation, deep cuts into the neck become infected. This is commonplace in Taiwan.
  • Kaohsiung Concerned Stray Animal Association
  • Dogs are brutally slaughtered for meat, skinned alive, burned with oil and acid, and even blow-torched.
  • BBC Report
  • Starving dogs on the streets and in “shelters”, where the conditions provide nothing
    but more horror in many cases. The link is written in Mandarin, but the images of
    the “shelters” shown are horrifying and need no description.
  • Enviorment & Animal Society Taiwan (in Chinese)

Breed Info:

Taiwan Dogs are known as Formosan Mountain Dogs or Tugou, or just plainly as Taiwan Dogs.

Purebred Formosans are extremely rare. Most Taiwan Dogs are a Formosan Mountain Dog mix and can certainly vary in size, coat color and other physical attributes…but we think they are all beautiful!

Formosan Mountain Dogs (FMD’s) physical characteristics include:

  • Lithe build, in various sizes and colors. The majority of the FMD’s we see are around 30 pounds.
  • Large pricked ears
  • Sickle shaped tail
  • Smooth coat (most FMD’s rarely shed or have a “dog” smell)
  • Webbed paws
  • Black spots on tongue – these often appear at or after 6 months of age