Salty Dog Rescue has closed its doors

December 15, 2014
Hello Salty Dog Fans –

It’s with both sadness and sincere gratitude that I write this letter informing you that we are closing. Salty Dog Rescue started with a passion, and a dream to do more. More for the animals, both here and abroad. More for the humans we “match make” our rescued dogs with. To be an animal rescue with a personal touch, and care for both human and K9 alike. And we have. We have rescued and placed over 500 dogs during our 5 years as part of your community. We have borne witness to such heartfelt love and kindness from our adopters and volunteers. Animal Rescue is both a rewarding, and a sometimes unbearably tragic “job”, and all of us are so grateful that we have been a part of it. The support has been unbelievable, and it’s more than we could have ever dreamt. But with the birth of our Presidents first child, and the career demands of the Founders, we find it necessary to gracefully bow out-with the knowledge that we poured all that we were capable of, for as long as we were capable of, into SDR.

Effective immediately, we will no longer intake dogs, and Salty Dog Rescue will close it’s imaginary doors. There are so many good rescues out there to choose from- just do your homework! Great recourses’/rescues- Saving Great Animals, Seattle Humane Society, Yakima Valley Pet Rescue and Dancing Dog Farm and Rescue.

We wish you all so much love and light. And we thank you, for all of yours in return.

All the Best,

Jennifer Shepperd
Salty Dog Rescue